Circle of Life

Circle of Life is a registered, non profit, community based organization which is dedicated to reduce the further spread of HIV in Ward 43(Pretoria: Eersterust,Jan Niemand Park and Silverton) which count a population of 75 0000 people, where the average infection rate for Voluntary Testing and Counselling (VCT) at clinics is 29%.

The Organization is registered as a non governmental organization (NGO) with the Dept of Health and receives a subsidy of R90 000 per year. The offices is owned by the Department of Public works and therefore no rent is paid.

Vision of Circle of Life
A Community based organization that strives to curb the further spread of HIV/AIDS.

Mission of Circle of Life
To provide a place where people living with HIV/AIDS can come and relax in an informal environment where they can share experiences and problems and build new relationships.
To provide after school care centre for orphans and destitute children that will provide these children daily with food and support them with their school work.

– To provide care, support, counselling and education to HIV/AIDS infected and affected parents.
– To create a non-judgemental environment that reduces the stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.
– To mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on affected people and to help them to cope with their everyday life by supplying food and nutrition programmes.
– To preserve the dignity, self respect and self esteem of people living with HIV/AIDS.
– To advocate for change of behavioural patterns and a value system that will ultimately result in the reduction of HIV infection.
– To support orphans and destitute children with education and food.

– Promote awareness campaigns and disclosures in schools, churches and workplace.
– Provide HIV/AIDS workshops in the community or by invitation to concerned groups.
– Working in close collaboration with local clinic and other service organization to provide a holistic service to the infected and their families.
– Coordinate and facilitate support groups for people living with HIV/ AIDS.
– Promote campaigns to advocate safer sex practices and HIV voluntary testing.
– Provide counselling service to affected families and individuals who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.
– Establish after school care centre for orphans and destitute children.


The high and increasing numbers of HIV/AIDS infected and affected peoples as well as the increasing number of orphans in Ward 43 as lead to establishment of Circle if Life 1999 as a non-profit community HIV/AIDS support organization.

Circle of life
– Started with one Person living with HIV/AIDS and we have increased to 350 PWA’s over the past three years.
– Has currently 36 clients who are attending support group sessions twice a week with Dr Goum a Psychologist.
– Provide counselling to affected families and individuals who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS
– Refer persons to hospitals , clinics , hospice and Social welfare.
– Place orphans in case where possible.
– Do disclosure in churches, schools , private and public sectors.
– Network with other NGO’s within Tshwane region.
– Do awareness campaigns of HIV/AIDS in ward 43 which consist of Eersterust, Eastlynne, Sun Valley, Jan Niemand Park , Derdepoort and Lindo Park.
– Promote HIV voluntary testing.
– Do Home visits twice a week.
– Establish an after school care centre for orphans and destitute children.
Cirle of Life has
– Secured offices with Department of Health situated in Eersterust.
– A fully furnished Administration Block from which we operate on a daily basis.
– A Proper financial and project management system in place.
– Two computers and printers.
– Buildings with a installed bugler alarm and enough space for the after school centre.
– Assistance from Holly Cross CD4 counts , full blood counts, and Viral load tests.
– Resources to refer infected clients for ARV treatment(Antiretroviral drugs.)

Circle of Life has
1. Various fundraising efforts.
2. Been funded from Departments of health for the past four years.
3. a nutrition garden from which clients are fed.
4. a beadwork project which generates a small income for support group.
5. financial reports that are audited annually by an independent auditor.
These reports are being sent quarterly to the Department of Health for Monitoring and review.


Circle of Life had four members that serve permanently on management level.
The Executive Board Consists of nine voluntary members.
Problems we encounter.
Dew to lack of transport we are unable to visit all clients with Ward43.
These visits take place on foot twice a week. Lack of transport makes it difficult to supply all clients with food. Food donate by food stores(e.g Woolworths , Pick n Pay) are at times cancelled as we rely on community members to transport the food from these stores to Circle of Life. Clients are taken by taxi to hospital and clinics.

Food parcels are given to clients. But because of Limited finances we are not able to provide as regularly as we would like to. Circle of Life needs financial assistance in this regard.

Finance received from Department of Health and from fundraising endeavours are not enough to meet the increasing needs within our Organization.
We are constantly searching for donors and alternative methods for funding.

The skills development projects are not coping effectively. These include sewing and needlework, computer literacy, beadwork ect.More funding is needed.
Transport , educational and financial support is needed for the effective running of the after school care centre.

– HIV/AIDS support in Ward 43
– After school care centre for orphans and destitute children
– Nutritional support for clients
– Awareness and educational campaigns at school for Grade 7 and 10.
– Needle work, beadwork, computer literacy.
– Garden project.


Name of account: Circle of Life
Bank name: ABSA Bank
Branch Code: 335245
Type of account: Cheque
Account number: 40-5810-3741

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