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Eersterust Care and Training Centre!

The Centre was established on 1980 to provide care and therapy for the multi-disabled children of Eersterust, Mamelodi and Nellmapius in order for them to function maximally. Specialised care for profoundly and severely handicapped children is offered at the centre. Pre-school is given to physically and mentally challenged children ranging in ages from 2-6 years of age.

Children from the ages of 2-18 years receive specialised programmes from trained educators. Intervention programmes developed by occupational, speech and physiotherapists are vital to stimulate children to develop on cognitive, motor communication and psycho-social levels. This will allow them to function as independent as possible in society.

The centre cares for children with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, autism, mental and physical disabilities. The children are given a well balanced nutritional meal daily. An open admission policy is followed catering for the needs of all children with disabilities in the Greater Tshwane area. Free transportation is provided ensuring the children travel safely between their residence and the centre.

The centre was built by the community and presently consists of an administration block, eight large fully equipped classrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, dining hall, caretakers flat, storerooms double lock-up garage and an excellent well equipped playground.

A well equipped toy library has been established and is well utilised. The centre provides further care to physically and mentally disabled youth in the protective work centre. Home Based Care programmes provide training to mentally disabled young adults and encourages job coaching and placement within the local community. Parents and care givers receive regular support and counselling services by the Social Worker employed at Eersterust Care and Training Centre.

The Centre assists the Department of Social Welfare to screen and process social grants and pension applications in the local Eersterust area. Projects at the centre include a food garden which provides seasonal employment to the unemployed community. Produce from this garden is utilised at the centre to provide daily feeding schemes to the clients as well as food parcels to needy members within the community.

Computer training is given to physically challenged adults. Eersterust Care and Training Centre has extended is care to provide Outreach programmes in East Lynn, Nellmapius and Mamelodi. The centre is managed by a Board of twelve Trustees representative of the parents and community. The Department of Welfare and Population Development inspects the centre on an annual basis. A report is then submitted to the Board of Trustees.

A full report is also tabled at our Annual General Meeting. This meeting is open to the general public and invitations are sent to the business sector, local churches and schools.


Celebration of 25 years of service from Eersterust Care and Training Centre to the local disabled community
Establishment of woodwork unit
Outreach Project established
Seta and Tafeni established a pilot Home Based Care training programme for young adults. Presently 7 young mentally disabled adults are being trained. A milestone for job skills at the Centre
Physio Therapy Unit established at the centre
Extensive development of Food Garden Project
An educational toy library was established
15 wheel chairs were donated to the Centre
Computer skills job coaching


Specialised care for profoundly and severely handicapped children
Pre-school training training for physically and mentally challenged children
Specialised programmes for Down Syndrome, Austic and Cerebral Palsy children
Protective Workshop for young adults
Home based care training for mentally challenged young adults
Parents support and counselling services by Social Worker
Transport and feeding schemes for all our children
Food Garden project
Bargain shop (lower income groups)
Screening and processing of social grants and pension applications
Computer training for physicallty challenged adults
Outreach programmes (East Lynne, Nellmapius, Mamelodi)
A well equipped toy library

Formal Affiliations

South Africa Federation and Mental Health
Pretoria Mental Health, International Mental Health
Protective Workshop Forum
Service providers forum
Irene Homes
Joining Hands

Goals and Objectives

The aim of the centre is to provide special (Education / Training) and care for mentally disabled children betweeen the ages 3 – 18 years
It further provides a workshop and/or sheltered employment opportunities for the adult mentally disabled persons of both genders
It provides facilities for the care of children who are mentally and physically disabled
The centre provides facilities for practical training of teachers and other personnel working in the field of mental and physical disabilities
It encourages investigation into the causes(s) of mentaly disability and promotes preventative and remedial measures
An encouragement for the formation of local, provincial and national organisations as well as parent groups and interested parties are engaged into services serving the mentally and physically disabled children
It affiliates with, works with and co-operates with any other welfare organisations, institutions and state departments with any or all of the above noted objectives

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