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ENGO SA Blister Prevention
Address: www.blisterprevention.co.za
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Avid runners, hikers and sports players rely on their feet to reach performance goals; from day hikes to ultra marathons. But quality footwear and socks alone dont eliminate the skin trauma your feet can experience from repetitive rubbing building friction forces to levels that cause hot spots, blisters and calluses.

Introduced in 2004, ENGO Blister Prevention Patches have radically redefined the way hot spots, blisters and calluses are treated. As a preventative measure, ENGO patches provide peace-of-mind that blisters wont become a painful, debilitating problem. If a blister has already formed, applying patches to footwear, corresponding to the blistered area eliminates painful irritation and further skin damage, allowing continued activity.

Similar to Tamaracks ShearBan material, ENGO patches are applied directly to footwear & equipment, not on the skin. Outcomes of this unique application include ease of use, long-lasting and guaranteed friction relief. Begin your blister-free journey today!

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