Eersterust or “First Rest”, often incorrectly spelled “Eersterus”, is a formal South African township located within the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and is located just about 15 km east of the Pretoria city centre. It is also referred to by locals as “Poort”. Eersterust is situated west of Mamelodi.


The area was created by the government of the apartheid  era, which allocated and relocated people of the Colouredrace group to this area. It was laid out in 1962 on the farm Vlakfontein. The name of Eersterust is clouded in mystery. Some say it is named after the mail-coach route that went to Lydenburg during the gold rush—this being the first stop—while others speculate that it might have been the first township for coloured people established in the area.


Eersterust is seen as the gateway to the industrial areas of Pretoria, like Silverton and Waltloo. Most of the residents work in these areas, not far from home. The township has an estimated 400,000 residents. This community has evolved to develop its own cultural history including unique traditions and a way of life, based on friendliness and hospitality. Restaurants offer a unique local flavour with a variety of choices available, from traditional tastes to the spicy and adventurous. The main language is Afrikaans but many others are spoken.
Eersterust is a very religious community, and there are numerous places of worship throughout the area. The first Catholic church which dates back to the early 1950s is located here. 60% of residents are Christian, while 30% belong to other religions, including Islam.


Eersterust has six independent extensions which offer nearby schooling and transport routes. Many people have also gathered to fight crime by starting neighborhood night watch groups to assist the police in protecting their homes and streets. Local residents cleverly know their respective areas of Eersterust and its popular streets, namely Hans Coverdale Road West, Hans Coverdale Road East and Hans Coverdale Road North, these streets all begin with the name Hans Coverdale, and being long distanced allowing locals to enjoy easy navigation around the area. The naming of these respective areas are listed by its different extensions, namely ext.2, ext.3, ext.4, ext.5 and ext.6, each one of them playing a huge role in the township of Eersterust. Newspapers and the media, however, refer to the parts of the township as North, East and West.


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